A.J's LAnd of Confusion
Friends and my message to them

This is Jini and nina
ARen't they so adorable?

jini's little page that i dedicated to her....its still under construction
Well, im re-doing everyone's message and i guess ill start with you. It has been a long time since i first layed my eyes on you and yet it took me over year to really apprecaite you...i never forget that first time..."WHo is tht hot girl over there" i remeber reading your lips as my first day at the school...what a confidence booster...hehe. but yeah we've been friends, we've been more and now were stronger than ever...I know that guys will come and girls will come...and  youll be happy...and ill be glad to be on your side as the ex that still is your best friend.....love ya girl.

Finally a decent pic of paige and me
YEah were broke up, but were still good friends

MAn ive been talking to you since aug. and i feel like ive only gotten to know  a small side of you. We only dated like a month, but i was truely happy and till this day i don't know why. I hardly knew you, you wasn't really there, but just being around you made me smile. But we did do one things wrong. We skip being friends. we went right into  a relantionship and now they we have broken up, i've never been so happy to be just your friend. Thats all i need from you , is just being a friend. Thank you Paige, for changing me. You made me grow up , made me more mature, now im not as big of a slut anymore and your still my fav ostrich (yes skylar your my fav male ostrich)


Well girl...we made it though a year together...spending more time in your car than any two humans should spend time together...but we made it... as the year has gone by...ive learn that you are the really my best friend...if i had to choose just one..though it be hard...it have to be you...because youve never hurt me...you always been there...and i could tell you anything and i know youd keep it secret you've already prove me that...and i want to thank you...you mean the world to me...and though i still have a fear of us loosing each other and us drifting apart..ill always keep a special place in my heart...love ya girl

This is a better pic of her, i think ihope you enjoy

.............What to say about you.........*ponders*........okay well we've had a intresting time..wouldn't you think? I can't really descibe you anymore...you've talked me down alot and ive tried my damnest to help you with boys and girls...that are starting shit and makinglife complicated as much as i can...and youve listen to me...i just want to see you happy, thats all and i want to make sure you make the right decison...and maybe one day youll see why i do the things i do....and you want hate me as much

Im not str8 im crocked

Girl, we are a story and a half. We could write our own book.  Do you remeber meeting me.  i believe i met you through AMy, but i didn't become your friend till when? do you remeber, The Competion.  WE became friends extremely fast, we clicked faster than i've ever clicked with anyone. I even ignored other friends and didn't even know it. Then when we hooked up, behind amy's back i totally forgot myself. I forgot who i was and where i was. When she came back i realized i was a horrible person. i said i would never forget nor never regret. I haven't but i have moved on. You've been an intresting person to befriend. U helped me this summer, helping with my problems and inreturn i helped u. Thanks for being there even when you wasn't. I will never forget the good, but  i will never forget the bad either...i like it that way it keeps me in check....

yeah don't judge it was a take by surprise pic..

you know i have a new pic of you...i might add here i don't know...well see. Life has been hard for you lately i know...and ive tried to be there and be that friend that keeps you safe... and i hope ive done a good job...WE have definetly clicked lately we have alot in common which is cool....cause sometimes you just need to get away you know...but im glad you happy withsteph.. i told you you better take care of her..and you have...and im proud of you...youve made alot of bad decisoin..we all have....but over all i pray you get your shit together....after whats happen recently with the wreck...maybe it will scare you "straight" love ya girl....keep in touch

My buddy

Miss roxy and Kellie
You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!

Miss roxy, what can i say about miss roxy.  She has been like my rock these past couple of weeks.  Im so glad she is getting out of this redneck hell hole.  she needs it. Her students are gonna miss her. we already do

This Amanda, the front side,Just in case you got tired of starring at her ass, I know I did
how many other names you have. wow i don't even know if were friends or not. you ditched me when people thought you were gay. then we became friends again. Then i hook you up with paige, and didn't even knowthat. You talk shit behind my back when it should of been me pissed, since you know she was still mine (well i atleast thoguht and i should of listen to you when you said, she was going to be yours.) well know you and paige are split and your talking to be again. ill never understand you.  but your a good friend. i guess. i do hope you grow up and become a great friend to people. stay you, but grow too

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My man

This is chester,  He is really cute to be a guy and i thought about seeing him....yes i know a lesbian seeing a guy, but likei od't really fall for gender i fall for personaliyt but im drawn towards women more.  anyway  you guys would like chester he sweet and funny  and he give damn good back rubs.  trust me