A.J's LAnd of Confusion
Tarayn's page


~This is Tarayn's friend Jeff. For some reason she decided to send me a pic of him so....everybody this is Jeff, Jeff this is everybody. Now we have been intruduced.

Everybody, this is Clayton. He is also a friend of Tarayn's. (yes I know, this is Tarayn's page, and we haven't seen her yet, but be patient) Me and Clayton talk sometimes on the internet so I consider him a friend too.  Hi clayton!

This is Tarayn (told you, you have to be patient with me and you get what you want) and her friend Jess.  Jess just finshed high school.  Way to go, even though I don't know, Tarayn thinks highly of you, so  Way to go agian.


~This is Tarayn in the 7th grade, I think. She is the one in the Blue jacket at the end.   Wasn't she so cute back then, I'm trying to figure out what happen to her.......just playing,  (don't hurt me)

This is Tarayn and her sister Jocelyn.  Plus her mother.  Hi mom, how are you? you don't know me yet, but I have a feeling you might sooner or later.....I am a good girl, I wouldn't do anything you would do....heheheh. joking.

See your probally getting sick of Tarayn now, you just had to have her, and now you can't get rid of her...well anyways this is her friend Jacki and herself.  I am summing there good friends, I don't know, but lets just say for now they are.  Hi Jacki

Tarayn's webpage if you think she's cool and you want to know more about her, then you sould go to her page...
Warning it is in the making so be patient.