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*updateD* ABOUT ME

 i know this isn't me, but she like so damn hot!

New info:

nine things you wear daily:one: underwear
two: socks
three: shoes
four: shirt
five: bra
six: pants
seven: one or more articles of jewelry
eight: Mens after shaved.
nine: Upside down SMILE

eight movies you'd watch over and over:

one: rocky horror
two: The Matthew Shepard story
three: better than chocolate
four: beautiful thing                                  
Five: hedwig and the angry inch
six: Get Real
seven: Dead poets society
eight: girl interrupted

seven albums that matter: 

one: Alix Olson-built like that                          two: Elton johns- songs from the west coast           three: melissa ferrick - 'freedom'
four: ani defranco-live                                
five:Melissa Ethridge-skin or breakdown                   six: the goo goo dolls - 'dizzy up the girl'
seven: Staind-break the cycle

six people you talk to every day:

one: my mom
two: Steph
three: the Pit (Jordan,collin,shane,jenny, neil,amy,minnie, the whole pit)
four: Dad
five: jennifer
six: Little /bear

five singers/bands that you couldn't live without:

one: Staind
two: melissa ferrick
three: Tonic
four: Elton john
five: Alix olson

four people that have influenced your life the most:

one: Mrs. Weaver
two: Ms. DANny
three: DAD and Mom
four: Amy and Steph

three of your favourite songs at this moment:

one: If you could only see by Tonic
two: sr 71-tommorrow                                 
three: Melissa Ferrick im a lesbiantwo of the funniest

nicknames you have had:

one: Sherlock
two: POe

one thing you could spend the rest of your life with:

one: Love

what you are wearing at this moment:

My black bondage pants, white socks, a green bra, rainbow underwear, white dress shirt, with a black tie that has a zipper on it. Skylars rainbow necklace, sams necklace, stephs, mirandas and matts moms rings. my freaks watch and Paiges rainbow braclet.spickey braclets and necklace of jenny's

things you collect:

drinking bottles of odd shapes, rainbows, abstract art, buttons, letters.

what you would like to own / buy at this moment:

alix olsons cd, suzanne westenhoefer cds , anis cds, a gay shirt, a buzz cut, ...thats it

things that always manage to make you smile:

PAIGE, Steph, Amy,jenny,jen, my father, a cig,  Lesbian comedy cause no one else gets it around me, accident hearing something a friend is saying about me (good), surpise partys. love

if you had a pet platypus, what would you name it? (and if you have one, what is its name?)PUS


01. Name: Shawna Weston
02. Nicknames:POE
                                             03. SCREANAME :HEARTHEPOET,LEZBNDYKE, FAILING DREAM

04. Age: 16
05. Grade: JUNIOR!!!!

07. Sex: FemalE

08. Birthday: MAy 8th                                           

09. Zodiac sign: tarus
10. Hospital: ????????
11. Location: Hickville, TN (CHEATHAM COUNTY
12. Height: 5'5 or 5'6
15. Eye Color: kinda grayish blue
17. Parents names:  Shawn,Cathy,GLENN
18. Favorite Thing: the feeling of making someone happy
32. Memory you would like to forget: the memory of the hatefull world we live in.
33. What'd you do yesterday?spent time with jen, scared little kids on jens bus                                 
34. Last person you talked to on the phone: jen          35. Last thing you said: please i want to go to the mall dad
36. Last song you listened to: simple plan.. god hates me
      <The FUTURE Side>

38. Occupation: ARtist, Writter,or Activist

39. Dream Car: anything that works
40. Marriage: I thinks its illegal
41. Kids: How ever many my girl wants
42. Future son's name: issac,damen,or levi
43. Future daughter's name:levi, zoey,or lea
44. Honeymoon: still again illegal, but it would be europe
45. Where will you live: NEW york, cali, or Europe
46. What are you doing tomorrow? I dont know until tomorrow comes

  The FAVORITES side there are lots of these!
47. Food: anything that doesn't have meat
48. Drink: A pespi with crush ice
54. Color(s): red or black  
58. Day of the week: Friday
57. Weekend Activity: spending time with my friends/my girl
59. Month: June or october
60. Book: Anything gay
61. Holiday: GAy Pride day
62. Number: 18
63. Cookie:hmmm... which cookie?
64. Phrase to overuse: Mr.Tampoon says if it has a string attached don't insert
66. Ice Cream: nutty buddie
67. Candy bar: baby ruth
68. Teacher: Mrs. weaver or ms. roxy
69. School subject:  drama, or History
70. Restaurant: logans
71. Channel: SUndance
72. Radio Station: 102.9, its the only one left or aol's gay pride station or rock station
73. Type of music: lesbian/ spoken words
76. Music Video: tatu's all the things she said
77. Sport: soccer
78. Website: mine (lezbndyke.tripod.com) or planetout.com
79. Relative: hmmmmm.....pink sheep of family
80. Hangout: anywhere but home
81. Friend: steph,amy,Tarayn,Jenny, minnie, Paige,jen aka hippie, ala, miranda... i don't know i have so many.
93. Sweetest: Steph 
94. most Hyper:Jordan
95. Queistest:Amanda

100. Brooks & Dunn: neither one!
101. Peanut butter OR Jelly: peanut butter cause you can add stuff to it but you can only add pb to jelly
102. Coke OR Pepsi: pepsi
103. Is it Sprinkles or Jimmies: huh?
104. Matt OR Ben: what a question for a lesbian...
105. CMT, MTV, OR VH1: MTV
106. Apples OR Oranges: Oranges
107. Vanilla OR Chocolate: vanilla
108. Flowers OR Candy: flowers
110. Romantic, Comedy OR Horror:  horror(with someone to hold onto.
111. Book OR Magazine: Mag.
112. TV OR Radio:Radio all the way, tv is sundance
113. Is the glass half full OR half empty?: half full


114. Do you believe in angels? yes
115. Aliens:  sure

116. Heaven & Hell?: yeah,  i live in hell.

117. God? Uhduh! Which God are you talking about..aliah, buddha, or christains god?
     The HAVE YOU EVER Side: 
       (Answer YES or NO)

119. Been on a plane: yes

120. Cried in public: yes
121. Climbed a tree: yes
122. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: yes
123. Kissed The Opposite Sex: yes (and the same sex..)
124. Met a celebrity: yes

125. Met the president: no

126. Been scared to get a shot: yes
127. Gotten a cavity: yes
129. Had an online relationship: yes
131. Said, "I love you," and meant it: yes
132. Made prank calls: no

135. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: maybe

134. Skipped school: no

136. Gone to a theme park and checked out all the cute guys/girls? Yes I have

   <First thing that pops into mind>
143. Bill Clinton: Don't ask don't tell

144. Lollipops: AManda busby

145. Dreams: flashbacks of my past

146. Love: something that seems so distant to me.

147. Whipped Cream: Amanda Upchurch

148. South Park: Big Gay AL

149. Boy Bands: Um yuck

150. Guys: fun to be around

151. Girls: People i like

152. Death: reality

153. Dog/Cat~~~> Dog
154. Blue/Purple~~~> purple
155. Chocolate/Vanilla~~~> Vanilla

156. Underwear/Bra~~~> BrA

157. Pen/Pencil~~~~> pENCIL, I CAN DRAW WITH.

158. Plumber/Trashman~~~> trashman
159. Ear/Eye~~> eaR

160. Rich and unhappy/poor and unhappy: why be either if you are unhappy?

163. Last time you showered: um....sniff...i need one
164. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: black
165. How many buddies do you have on your list?  90

166. Do you like this survey? Yeah if it wasnt so long
167. What are the last 4 digits of your number? 4205

168. One pillow or two, cotton or feather? aS MANY PILLOWS AS POSSIBLE AND FEATHER, ITS ALL FLUFFY

169. Last CD you bought: I burn them now so....

170. How long are you in the shower?: jUST DEPENDS

171. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Buttercup?: i LIck THEM TILL THERE GONE.

173. Is Tupac alive?: what does it matter anyway?
174. Thoughts on Britney Spears: has some good songs, CAN BE VERY ATTRACTIVE, BUT NOT MY TYPE.

175. What does your screen name mean? wELL AT ONE POINT I WAS A CHRISTAIN, AND I WAS A FREAK SO.. THEN NOW ITS CAUSE IM A BIG FAN OF EGNAR ALLEN POE AND THE OTHER IS CAUSE IM A DYKE. Failing dream means when someone has an expection of you,like your parents and you turn out what they fear...your a failing dream, your in the process of failing your parents dreams

177. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous? AMBIDEXTROUS
178. What is on your mouse pad? RAINDROPS
179. What is under your bed? nOTHING MY BED IS ON THE FLOOR, IM A HIPPIE

180. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? WHO KNOWS BUT IT JUST DEPENDS OF WHAT YOUR SEXUALITY IS...IF YOU LICKS ARE HARD OR THICKER OF FASTER.......HMMMMM.....NAUGHTY
1.have you ever had sex? yes mulitple times.
3 Could you be straight? no but i know how to pretend to be a breeder.
4.  Name all your boy/girlfriends......   Michelle,amanda,miranda,tarayn,paige and someone else.
kyle,jesse,..shorter list.

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