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Alejandro......I miss you

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This is my page dedicated to my good friend Alejandro Jimenez Castro. He is an 18 year old Columbian, that was at my school for one year and we became buddies, infact good buddies and it was a sad day when he left Cheatham County and he will be forever missed...by me and others...but here are some  pics of him

This is Alejandro being silly

He is in new york for now, having a blast

Well buddy, i remeber the first time i saw you, you looked really scared and we had mr. halls class. yeah you were intruduced and like all those guys were being assholes and i just said, leave him alone. so day by day i cam up to you, to talk to you and after awhile we were partners in every project. it was defintely some intresting times, wouldn't you say. you always getting mad cause you know i am a screw up, special making a stupid tower out of twiggs...how ours last ill never know..hehe..but it was fun hanging with you. you taught me so much and made me want to know so much about your culture and you open my eyes...you'll never be forgotten. I love you man!!

Alejandro,mauricio, alejandro (little one)
erika (girl) sean (her bf)

God i miss you.........come back!!!

                                    SOCCER RULES!              

Alejandro's life!!!!

His fav soccer team!

Though i've never been able to really get into soccer, i do enjoy listening to alejdro talk about it. He has so much passion and so much effort to inform me about his team all year long that even i became intrested in the team...though right off hand i couldn't name a member i use to be able to...lol
But He really enjoys it, and thats won thing i'm going to miss next year: the constant updates on how Cali is doing!

He got in our newspaper doing what he does best!!
I love this pic of him!!