A.J's LAnd of Confusion

Unlock the storm of dust from the Gentleman's soul

I cry blood and my heart bleeds dust.

Only humans should let this out; im Atlas, a superhero, holding, the world on my
shoulders, but this girl...she so amazing, but my heart crys out in dust and my
mind is in pain. When "they" talk about the "others" it's like a dessert
storm. but I close that storm in a bottle and I set the heart's sail to safety.
The bottle is tucked behind the Gentleman's soul. The Gentleman is human, so
how can I be Atlas?

I roam the earth, concealing the storm, just to be her atlas. Am i Atlas or just
a human? what human could hold the world on their shoulders? who am I kidding,
the weight of the world crushes the Gentleman's soul and my heart smolders and
all there is left is the dessert storm of dust, who will breathe me in when i'm
crumble, will it be my girl? will she feel it across the lands? am i imporant
enough to her world that when i crush, will she breathe me in. Someone breathe
me in. I'm lost and seperated among the air and the winds carries me on til
someone breathes me in.




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